A full-service training, development, and educational solutions firm, Tech 2000 provides the following services:

Curriculum Management
  • Needs Analysis
  • Event Management
  • Learning Management Integration


Instructional Design
  • Technical Writing
  • Courseware Development
  • E-Learning Development
  • E-Learning Conversion
  • Resource Rentals


Private and Public Instructor Led Training
  • Virtual
  • Onsite
  • Virtual and Onsite Hybrids
  • Virtual Mentored Learning

Unique in our industry, Tech 2000 offers design, development, project management, marketing, and deployment of mobile applications in addition to our core educational services. We are equipped to handle large customer orders as well as quick-turnaround surge requests.

Mobile Application Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Mobile Database Integration
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Streaming and Rich Media Applications
  • Mobile Virtual Classrooms
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Device Management


Non-Profit & Government Experience

Tech 2000 has successfully delivered award-winning work for private sector clients, including non-profit organizations, trade associations, and government clients. Recent projects include:
  • Designed and developed primer course in entrepreneurship through iOS development, including financial literacy and dignity for Operation Hope to deliver to inner city students.
  • Developers for Tech 2000 participated in a volunteer event called, Sanitation Hackathon, where software developers, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world donated their time to tackle challenges facing the sanitation sector that lack the funding or resources to purchase/develop their own solutions.
  • Worked with military personnel to design, develop and produce professional video training to set up a mobile communication for Bradley Fight Vehicle Outpost for the Army.
  • Following the attack on the USS Cole, Tech 2000 worked with the US Navy to develop and deploy a shipboard antiterrorism video animation course for naval commanders to prevent another USS Cole incident.
  • Provided curriculum management, and needs analysis for Air Force base that allowed Air Force servicemen to be able to implement a network service in Baghdad’s Air Force base.
  • Designed and developed an interactive gaming course used to train members of the Department of Energy in the protection of nuclear weapons.
  • Designed and developed training courses for weapons safety for the M-16, M-9, M-500, and 50-Cal. sniper rifle to the U.S. Marine Corps.

Corporate Experience

Tech 2000 has solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations including:
  • Developed courseware and product training for Verizon’s Field Sales Store personnel. Conducted a detailed needs analysis and deliver the courseware through LiNHD.
  • Developed a custom technical training program for Verizon Wireless personnel on how to deploy EVDO and LTE. Conducted a detailed analysis and delivered the training on-site with instructor.
  • Developed courseware and training for OS X Advanced Certified Specialist Exam Series for OSX users worldwide.
  • Designed and developed multi-media materials to be deployed to Gigamon channel partners.
  • Conducted a detailed needs analysis and build a Learning Management System that includes E-Learning, Mobile Database Integration & Management, Mobile Commerce, Virtual Classrooms and Custom Reporting.

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