Application Integration & Development

Based on demand from our Fortune 50 customers, Tech 2000 established extraordinary skills in application integration and development. Our team has developed systems for Google, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and MetLife. Today we offer these services to a broad spectrum of clients.

Our experience includes:

  • Mobile App development employing public and customer APIs – We build internal, focused and public applications.
  • API first development – We build future protected systems that can easily be transitioned to future clients, and can integrate with thousands of existing APIs today. These integration often have paybacks of less than six months.
  • Extension and integration of Open Source and Proprietary applications – Often the integration of two systems allows them to share and screen data, saving significant OPEX.
  • Systems limitations and needs – We will work with you to discuss a fixed-price model for your requirements before we write the line of code.

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