Get the most out of your network investment and gain greater productivity for your organization with the training you need from Tech 2000.
Our authorized training increases the technical competencies of your IT staff and enables them to more effectively manage and operate an integrated network solution. Getting the training you need at the right time will increase productivity, reduce the cost of network ownership and help drive the adoption of new technologies for a competitive edge. We have case studies to prove it.

Training programs often need assessment. When your goals are straightforward, it may be easy to establish a training plan. But most organizations have more complex needs. Assessing those needs and determining the appropriate training plan requires skill and experience and that's where we can help.
  • Cisco Learning Credits

How to Redeem Cisco Learning Credits

  1. Simply provide your Cisco Sales Order # (SO#) and your Tech 2000 Solutions Specialist will verify with Cisco the number of Cisco Learning Credits you have and let you know what type of training that will cover.
  2. Remember you must complete your training plan before your Cisco Learning Credits expire.
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