MEF Exam Pass Guarantee

Our guaranteed MEF-CECP Exam Preparation courses include one free exam voucher. Should a student register and take the exam within 30 Days of attending our course and not pass his or her exam on the first attempt, a second voucher will be provided. Should the student fail the second attempt, the student may resit the class at no charge.

Terms & Conditions 

  • The student must attend all scheduled days of an open enrollment class.
  • Should any student fail the initial exam within 30 days of taking the course, he or she will be eligible to receive a second exam voucher. The second voucher must be requested within 45 days of the first exam voucher issue date. A copy of the results of the first exam must be provided via fax (703) 471-8364 or e-mail ( in order to receive the second voucher.
  • Students who do not pass the exam after the second attempt may request to resit the same course by contacting our Training Department and providing the results of the second exam. Students will not receive an exam voucher with the resit.
  • The second course start date must be within 6 months of the initial course end date, and enrollment is on a space available basis.
  • Students retaking the course are required to use the materials and books distributed to them in their original course session. Failure to bring these materials will result in the student being charged for replacement materials.

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