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Curriculum Management module facilitates the creation and management of Learning Milestones, any learning-related activity that needs to be tracked by the business or the user. This solution provides course and program management functionality including the proposal, approval and management of courses and programs.

The Tech 2000’s  curriculum management cycle includes the following processes:

Scheduling enables businesses and users alike to manage the enrollment lifecycle of users once admitted to a learning program. It supports all the functionality required to offer learning activities, and for a user to enroll in and complete those activities. It allows users to create learning plans, and register in learning activities such as mentoring, and courses. It supports program and course selection, and registration. It consists of the following key business processes:
  • People and Permissions
  • Program/Course Offering
  • Course Registration

Payment supports the pricing, sale and purchase of both internal and external products and services.  User Accounts is a significant component of the user-business relationship. It consists of the following key business processes:
  • Fees and Discounts
  • Invoice customer
  • Settle bill
  • Maintain customer account
  • Process Refunds

Program Evaluation
Evaluation manages the evaluation of learning experiences and the results that are derived from those experiences. These results will be used to answer questions related to the determination of readiness to certify, content quality and instructional effectiveness. Data derived from their input is then used to make any changes that will either lead to more effective teaching, based on the present curriculum, or to other modifications that will improve the curriculum.

Reservation facilitates the efficiency of scheduling various resources required to deliver the curriculum.  This includes such things as materials, proctoring and scheduling exams, instructors, class rooms, facilities, and any other type of resource that one might need to schedule.  It consists of the following key business processes:
  • Maintain inventory of resources
  • Maintain criteria and constraints
  • Create schedules

Admission Assessment
Admission Assessment matches prospective users with a series of prescribed learning activities that a program offers.   It consists of the following business key processes:
  • Admission Assessment Portal
  • Prescriptive Assessment of user
  • Customized Learning Path

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