Tech 2000 takes complex information and communicates it clearly, concisely and accurately.

Words define who you are, explain how to use your products, answer customer questions and provide critical information.  Today, technical writers play an even more important role in how your company, products and services are perceived and consumed.

Tech 2000 technical writers are experienced employees who know the right questions to ask, have a short learning curve and are quick, clear and easy to work with. Our Subject matter experts take complex information and communicate it clearly, concisely and accurately without relying on technical or corporate jargon to explain what they’re trying to say. With a unique cross-functional intelligence network, our team of technical writers are able to link between engineers and external users.

Companies such as Cisco, Apple, Verizon, and Metro Ethernet Forum rely on Tech 2000 expertise for a wide variety of needs, from data sheets to any type of technical content, or web content. The Tech 2000 team of consultants, technical writers, editors, illustrators and project managers has the ability to take on most every type of documentation project.

The Tech 2000 curriculum development cycle includes the following processes:

Planning, and Development
  • Study the latest research and trends surrounding the subject area
  • Analyze student assessment data
  • Align objectives (horizontal and vertical)
  • Select resources for high-level alignment
  • Design and/or implement corporate template

Piloting the Curriculum
  • Provide training for teachers
  • Evaluate and revise curriculum and assessments as needed

Implement the Curriculum
  • Monitor implementation

Tech 2000 will take the time to understand your specific needs and requirements, providing you with the skills and resources you need for:
  • Staff Certification – onsite at your location or ours
  • One-Time Projects – product launch or document rebranding
  • Document Updating – developing new content or editing/proofing

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