Tech 2000 offers custom courseware development that supports your company’s products, software applications and business processes and procedures.

First Tech 2000 will conduct a needs assessment which will identify and define the specific strategies to effectively structure and deliver the concepts and material to be presented.  Driven by your specific needs we may recommend instructor-led, web-based or some sort of blended learning solution. 

Our team of instructional designers and training developers will then develop a comprehensive project plan to:
  • Storyboard the course(s) to ensure that each course section or module has the appropriate level of content
  • Create the design of the course materials
  • Work with your source material and subject matter experts to gather and analyze data for the course
  • Develop the lesson plans along with the required activities and/or testing criteria to ensure comprehension and retention
  • Evaluate and review courseware Customized Solutions

Tech 2000 has developed learning solutions for a wide range of business needs:
  • In-depth training on new products, services or software applications
  • Train-the-trainer classes
  • Job task training and job aids
  • Quick tours to introduce new concepts and products
  • Proficiency testing, certifications or simulations
  • Instructor-led materials, participant manuals and end user guides

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