Developing a course that is engaging, promotes interaction, motivates learners, and above all accelerates learning is easier said than done.  It’s even more challenging when trying to modify a face-to-face course for the online format.

Tech 2000 offers instructional design services that involve creating an environment for learning by structuring content and creating activities that engage students and facilitate meaningful learning.  Our skilled instructional designers are not always the subject matter experts, but collaborate with the experts to create environments where students can participate in rich, meaningful learning experiences.
Tech 2000 provides customers with effective and innovative learning solutions to instructional and performance problems.

This solution focus includes:
  • Technology-based learning systems and environments that use current and emerging learning technologies, design processes, and theoretical models
  • Preparation for professional practice and simulations that is informed by knowledge from diverse disciplines and fields
  • Emphasis on multi-dimensional solutions for complex problem solving
  • Emphasis on collaboration, teamwork, and project based experiences

Tech 2000 wins 2015 Cisco Indirect Learning Partner of the Year Award

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