With mobile setting unprecedented and unrelenting adoption rates, mobile is currently clocking six billion subscriptions worldwide - with planet Earth shortly becoming home to more mobile-connected devices than human beings.  

What this means for businesses is that if you aren’t optimizing the mobile experience, then you’re likely losing customers.

LearnItNowHD is a code-free solution for creating Android and iOS apps on phones and tablets. Now anyone can build, manage and distribute apps to the massive app store audience.

Create Apps Code Free

LearnItNowHD (LiNHD) gives corporations the ability to take to their traditional interaction with customers mobile. Businesses have an easy way to design and distribute marketing content using audio, video, books, exams, and other content formats.

LearnItNowHD is a cloud-based service and platform - which means no desktop applications are required to download and install. Plus, you can leverage your current production department -- bypassing the tedious hiring process of searching and interviewing iOS or Android developers.

Our platform is built on best-in-class infrastructure for reliability, scalability, and security.

Engage Your Audience

With LearnItNowHD, you can incorporate iBooks, iCloud, HTML, Moodle, polls, surveys, exams, and multimedia. LearnItNowHD provides a collection of features that allow external services to use core LiNHD functionality. You can use this to integrate with existing IT infrastructures and third party applications like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, E-Commerce, xAPI, and SCORM.

This means you can build a better app faster, and utilize the services you want and need for mobile.

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