Understanding the next generations’ learning preferences is a key to creating classroom environments that engage the user and accelerate learning. In 2011, Tech 2000 partnered with Cisco as it redesigned its Sales Associate Program (CSAP) to match the mindset of its emerging workforce.

As a part of the initiative Tech 2000 designed an innovative instructional framework that supports the Millennial generation’s need for two-way dialog and connections without constraints, while still providing structure, guidance, and practical knowledge gained through hands-on interaction.

The MVC app series creates a mobile application toolkit for institutions looking to facilitate a scalable and sustainable learning program that in addition to reducing costs, would better resonate with the learning styles of a mobile workforce.

Mobile User Experience:

  • Mobile users seek an authentic experience.
  • They possess a strong desire to work as a team on problems and projects that generate immediate results and are tied to larger organizational goals.
  • They like to be heard and see immediate action being taken to correct an issue.
  • They seek peer input, approval, and recommendations on all aspects of life.

The MVC Toolkit:

In the creation of MVC, Tech 2000 created a number of integrated features to maintain or enhance the traditional learning environment:
  • Tools to connect to users in multiple geographic locations through High-definition video chat and instruction while still providing the desired opportunities for team-based collaboration and exchange among participants.
  • Learning Management System integration
  • In-App Purchasing
  • Single Sign On Protocol
  • DRM and Authentication facilitating paperless distribution of intelligence throughout an organization or group of learners.
  • Course Tutor enables users or course designers to determine the scheduling of the course activities, milestones and materials presented.
  • Analytics so if a training is ineffective, the course designer can recognize this through reporting and quickly take steps to adjust the training material to meet the needs of their students.

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