Join us on Wednesday, 3/14 for 2 FREE webinars on Next-Generation Security Concepts!

Join us for 2 FREE webinars this Wednesday, 13 March 2018!  Tech 2000, Inc is hosting 2 free webinars on Cisco infrastructure and security, each led by a certified Cisco instructor, focusing around next-generation security concepts.  Space is limited so sign-up now!  As a Cisco Platinum Learning Partner, Tech 2000 offers all Cisco courses and certifications as well as additional course offerings around SDN, Cyber, Cloud, Big Data, AI, and IoT.


Join Tech 2000 this Wednesday 3/14/18 at 11AM Eastern to explore the Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense NGFW.  

We will spend about an hour going through the Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense NGFW along with saving some time for some Q&A.

Cisco’s Firepower is designed to help businesses support and maintain their Cisco Firepower Threat Defense systems.  Basic next-generation intrusion prevention system (NGIPS) and next-generation firewall (NGFW ) security concepts. The course then leads you through the Cisco Firepower system.  The Cisco Firepower® NGFW (next-generation firewall) is the industry’s first fully integrated, threat-focused next-gen firewall with unified management. It uniquely provides advanced threat protection before, during, and after attacks.  We will also discuss a brief intro to the Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense NGFW (FIREPOWER200) 5 day training course.

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Join Tech 2000 this Wednesday 3/14/18 at 3PM Eastern to explore Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.  

Join our Webex to briefly touch on the tools necessary to design, deploy, operate, and optimize enterprise networks with the Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure simplifies the management of wireless and wired networks. It offers Day 0 and 1 provisioning, as well as Day N assurance from the branch to the data center. We call it One Management. With this single view and point of control, you can reap the benefits of One Management across both network and compute.  With a little time for some Q&A and talk about the 5 day Cisco MENPI Prime training course.

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