Course Overview

Do you wish to wield the power of the Unix command line, but are intimidated by the cryptic syntax and seemingly never-ending list of commands? This two-day course is designed specifically to introduce you to The Unix Command-Line as it applies to Mac OS X, where you will learn specific commands and how to use them in the proper context while supporting Mac OS X computers. There is a great wealth of troublshooting, managment, and depolyment techniques for Mac OS X that are only available to those willing to tackle the learning curve of the BASH shell and UNIX commands as it applies to Mac OS X. After establishing a solid foundation, we’ll explore command line tools to help with administration and management of your Macs.

2 days
    • UNIX Shells
    • Shell Environment Part 1 & 2
    • Filesystem, Permissions, and Monitoring
    • Documentation, Searching, and Editing
    • Putting the CLI to work on Mac OS X
    • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • UNIX Shells
    The UNIX shell is the portal into the command line. In this chapter, we learn what a shell is, and how to obtain one

    Shell Environment Part 1
    Once you obtain a shell, it’s nice to get comfortable in its environment–learn what is available to you, and learn the basics of commands

    Filesystem, Permissions, and Monitoring
    Although Mac OS X is based on UNIX, the view of the file system and permissions from the command-line is a bit different than the view from the Finder. Learn how the Finder and UNIX filesystem and permissions interact, and also how to monitor UNIX processes and view files from the command line

    Documentation, Searching, and Editing
    The main skill to obtain in your quest for a command-line mindset is to know that you can’t possibly know everything there is to know, and that you will need to look things up in documentation. This chapter explains how documentation works in the command-line, including man pages, searching, and other cool tricks, including editing text files using only the command line

    Shell Environment Part 2
    More about the shell environment, including process control, environment variables, I/O in more detail, and troubleshooting techniques

    Putting the CLI to work on Mac OS X
    Overview of Managed Preferences (MCX); Configuring OS X Here’s where things get fun–a whole slew of commands for you to learn and play with to make your life easier on Mac OS X

    Introduction to Shell Scripting
    Not a comprehensive introduction to shell scripting, but a basic “get your toes in the water” introduction to the concepts of using the shell to write scripts

    • Intermediate understanding of OS X
    • Experience with OS X in a network environment
    • Basic troubleshooting experience or the 101 Support Essentials Course
    • This is not a course for those new to Mac OS X
    • Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians, and others who support Mac users
    • Technical support personnel in businesses that use Macs for general productivity or creative design
    • Technical coordinators or power users who manage networks of computers running Mac OS X — such as teachers and technology specialists who manage classroom networks or computer labs