Course Overview

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Tech 2000’s MEF-CECP: A Guide to Advanced Industry Networking. This course provides an overview of Carrier Ethernet technologies, the MEF specifications for services and how these can be delivered over carrier core. In addition, there is information on metro and access networks along with other services deployed over a range of core transport and access technologies. It also provides a solid introduction to the principles of network and service design.

Carriers have offered connectivity services based on traditional TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, DSL, and even SDH for many years. However, customers now use Ethernet as the interface of choice for virtually all services and applications. The cost of operating separate networks to provide each service, as well as the need to sell higher bandwidth services than can be offered with traditional networks, is forcing carriers to move to newer, more cost-effective technologies such as Ethernet, Backbone Bridging, IP, and MPLS.

The path to becoming a MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) is a rewarding one in terms of job opportunity, knowledge, and prestige. MEF-CECPs worldwide, have increased five-fold since 2015. The benefits of certification include increased opportunities for career advancement and earnings and a documented way to demonstrate knowledge, experience and competency to employers and the industry. New MEF-CECPs join an elite set of professionals and thought leaders who have proven expertise in Carrier Ethernet and through networking with them gain significant industry contacts. Certification can also demonstrate commitment to professional development and overall dedication to the industry.

4 days
MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional
This course includes one exam voucher for the MEF-CECP Exam.
  • This book is an update to Tech 2000’s highly popular “MEF-CECP Essentials: Your Guide to Everything Carrier Ethernet”. It expands coverage to new MEF topics covering such diverse areas as E-Transit, Bandwidth Profile Envelopes, Service Activation Testing, and the service lifecycle. Existing topics including attributes, services and Layer 2 Control Protocol have been revised to cover updates to MEF technical specifications.

    This 2nd edition book covers the major areas tested on the MEF-CECP certification exam including:

    • Carrier Ethernet services and their attributes
    • Implementation of Class of Service
    • Traffic management
    • Service OAM over those services
    • Infrastructure and the applications they support
    • Details on MEF certifications
    • New MEF specifications:
      • MEF 6.2
      • MEF 10.3
      • MEF 26.2
      • MEF 30.1.1
      • MEF 35.1
      • MEF 45
      • MEF 50
  • Module 1: Ethernet and MEF Basics

    Module 2: Services and Attributes

    Module 3: Class of Service and Traffic Management

    Module 4: Service OAM

    Module 5: Infrastructure, Operations and Applications

    Module 6: MEF Certification

  • To be able to comprehend the material in this book, a basic understanding on these topics is needed:

    • Networking background such as a vendor-based “Introduction to networking”
    • Ethernet
    • TCP/IP and WAN principles
    • VLAN technologies
    • Class of Service (CoS)
  • The primary audience for this book is:

    • Anyone needing a professional level, in-depth knowledge of Carrier Ethernet
    • Network engineers involved in designing, maintaining, or troubleshooting Carrier Ethernet Networks
    • Anyone wanting an understanding of MEF standards and spcifications
    • Pre-Sales Engineers, Product Specialists, and other job roles