Enabling Cisco Channel Partners with Sales, Business and Soft Skill Development

Increasingly, IT organizations are being asked to explain – in clear business terms – how they contribute to the growth and profitability of the business. Benefits like cost savings and cost avoidance are only part of the answer. The reality is that few IT departments have the know-how to accurately measure and communicate the full business impact and ROI of what they do. That's where Tech 2000 and the Cisco Business Learning Partner (BLP) Program comes in.

Tech 2000 is committed to helping you solve your customers' most challenging business problems. With over 20 years of experience in business skills training and this combined with our excellence in technical training and mobile development uniquely positions us as a Cisco Business Learning Partner (BLP).

Cisco Channel Partners have the opportunity to choose from a complete portfolio of courses that target not only the value propositions of Cisco products, solutions and architectures, but also the fundamental business skills required by organizations wanting to compete successfully in today’s market – specifically designed to build the business acumen of your sales and management teams. You'll get the skills and methods you need to break through sales barriers, take advantage of new opportunities, and clearly communicate a compelling Cisco value proposition

The skills required will differ from business to business but Tech 2000’s unique approach to field sales training blending a mobile tool kit with traditional training enables us to provide Channel Partners with a blended solution that incorporates not only the standalone offerings in the Cisco EASE program but also training that is relevant to the specific needs of the Channel Partner’s business. Each course is Cisco-approved and delivered by certified Business Authorized Instructors (BAIs) from Tech 2000.

Tech 2000 is focused on providing Cisco Channel Partners with training that delivers real sales results, enabling your sales teams to identify key factors and close business faster and more effectively. Each course is Cisco-approved and delivered by certified Business Authorized Instructors (BAIs) from Tech 2000.


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