Virtual Classrooms delivers highly-customized, instructor-led training virtually to teams all over the world. It's personalized, high-quality training delivered straight to your desk.
We offer hundreds of IT and business training courses with this flexible and cost-saving delivery method. Our content combines exceptional courseware taught by our subject matter expert instructors who bring their real-world and relevant experience to life in the classroom.


  • Flexibility - As teams and organizations become more distributed and project schedules barely allow for that afternoon break, our virtual training provides the much needed flexibility that teams are looking for. Whether you have team members scattered throughout the United States or the world, we can bring them together for team based training in our live, virtual classroom. We can also work around your project schedules and deliver the training at a time that works for you since travel and logistics are not a concern.
  • Live virtual classroom - While your team may be distributed, your training doesn't have to be. For each virtual class, the team comes together in one of our live, virtual classrooms, where they can interact with one another and learn together.
  • Live instructor - Every training course we deliver is instructor-led because we know there is nothing that can replace an expert in their field dedicated to helping your team. Our virtual classes are all taught by a live instructor and you can easily communicate with them, see their screen, and ask questions in our live virtual classroom.
  • Customization - A virtual training course dedicated to your team, highly-customized around their experience, current projects, and learning goals so that the training is highly relevant and effective. It doesn't get any better than that.
  • Budget friendly - Your team needs hands on training immediately, but the economy's sputtering and your budget is frozen. That's why our virtual training courses are the best value, delivering the same high-quality, customized training but without any travel or logistics costs. There are no plane tickets to buy or training rooms to be reserved.

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