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Cisco Certifications help you launch and advance your IT Networking career.

As a Cisco Specialized Learning Partner, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies categorized by Cisco into five levels of network certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect, the highest level of accreditation within the Cisco Career Certification program.

What is Cisco Certification?

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  • CIERS1 - Cisco 360 RSv5 CCIE Advanced Workshop 1

    CIERS1 Workshop 1 is a blend of technology instruction and hands-on lab classroom experience targeted at CCIE students in the early or middle stages of their studies. The workshop covers the breadth of technologies covered on the CCIE Routing and Switching exam and teaches students how to use an efficient problem-solving process, which includes options analysis.

  • CIERS2 - Cisco 360 RSv5 CCIE Advanced Workshop 2

    CIERS2 Workshop 2 is an extensive hands-on lab practice targeted at students in the final stages of the CCIE preparation. The workshop teaches students how apply various troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques, how to manage time allocation, how to optimize resources during the lab. The workshop also includes five performance assessments which include Troubleshooting, Configuration and Diagnostic sections. Each assessment lab is graded and returned with detailed answer key and the Mentor Guide feedback. A Pre-Assessment Lab, included with the workshop, may be taken before or after the class.

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