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As a Cisco Specialized Learning Partner, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies categorized by Cisco into five levels of network certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect, the highest level of accreditation within the Cisco Career Certification program.

What is Cisco Certification?

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  • ICP - Cisco Instructor Certification Program

    Become a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI)

  • DMTXR - Advanced Services Deploy, Maintain and Troubleshoot Cisco IOS XR

    This course provides you with the advanced knowledge and skill sets required to successfully deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.0.1 in a typical network environment.

  • IP6FD - IPv6 Fundamentals, Design, and Deployment

    This course provides network engineers and technicians who are working in the enterprise sector with the knowledge and skills that are needed to study and configure the IP version 6 (IPv6) features of Cisco IOS Software.

  • XR12KE - Advanced Services Cisco XR 12000 Series Essentials

    This course introduces the Cisco XR 12000 Series Router. The platform options, features, and functionality are detailed.

  • ASR9KE - Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essentials

    The Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essential version 4 instructor-led course introduces you to the features and functions of the Cisco ASR 9000 Series platforms.

  • ASR1k - Advanced Services ASR 1000 Series Essentials

    This course provides technical training to Cisco enterprise and service provider customers so that they can successfully deploy the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers running Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.1.0S.

  • CRS3E - Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System Essentials

    This course introduces you to the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System (CRS) and its features and functions. You will learn the important theoretical concepts on which the Cisco CRS-3 is based and gain the practical knowledge and skills to successfully deploy it in your network.

  • ROUTE - Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)

    Learn to plan, configure and verify the implementation of secure enterprise LAN and WAN routing solutions using a range of routing protocols.

  • CCNAX - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated

    Prepares you for the CCNA Routing and Switching certification exam

  • IMTXR - Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR (IMTXR)

    Cisco IOS XR Software platforms are seeing rapid adoption within service provider and enterprise networks.

  • IIE2K - Implementing and Managing Cisco IE 2000 and IE 3000 Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Learn about the components, features, and services of the Cisco IE 2000 and IE 3000 Switches in the industrial environment.

  • ASR903 - Cisco ASR 903 Essentials

    The Cisco ASR 903 Essentials version 3.10.0S is a lab-intensive course that introduces you to the Cisco ASR 903 Aggregation Services Router running Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.10.0S.

  • IMINS - Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies

    Students learn the skills needed to install, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial network systems while helping ensure network availability, reliability, and cyber security in their companies.

  • SWITCH - Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks

    Gain advanced skills to create an efficient and expandable enterprise network using Layer 2 and multilayer switches.

  • TSHOOT - Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks

    Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot routed and switched networks.

  • ICND2 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

    Continue to build core routing and switching skills to successfully operate a small to medium-size enterprise branch network and prepare for the CCNA Routing and Switch certification.

  • ICND1 - Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1

    Gain a foundational understanding of core routing and switching technologies and prepare for the CCENT certification exam.

  • RSCAT6K - Implementing Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

  • RSCAT4K - Implementing Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches

  • BGP - Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers

    The Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) v4.0 course provides you with in-depth knowledge of BGP, the routing protocol that is one of the underlying foundations of the Internet and new-world technologies such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). This curriculum covers the theory of BGP, configuration of BGP on Cisco IOS routers, detailed troubleshooting information and hands-on exercises that provide you with the skills needed to configure and troubleshoot BGP networks in customer environments. Different service solutions in the curriculum cover BGP network design issues and usage rules for various BGP features, preparing you to design and implement efficient, optimal, and trouble-free BGP networks.

  • CIERS1 - Cisco 360 RSv5 CCIE Advanced Workshop 1

    CIERS1 Workshop 1 is a blend of technology instruction and hands-on lab classroom experience targeted at CCIE students in the early or middle stages of their studies. The workshop covers the breadth of technologies covered on the CCIE Routing and Switching exam and teaches students how to use an efficient problem-solving process, which includes options analysis.

  • CIERS2 - Cisco 360 RSv5 CCIE Advanced Workshop 2

    CIERS2 Workshop 2 is an extensive hands-on lab practice targeted at students in the final stages of the CCIE preparation. The workshop teaches students how apply various troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques, how to manage time allocation, how to optimize resources during the lab. The workshop also includes five performance assessments which include Troubleshooting, Configuration and Diagnostic sections. Each assessment lab is graded and returned with detailed answer key and the Mentor Guide feedback. A Pre-Assessment Lab, included with the workshop, may be taken before or after the class.

  • IWAN-ESS - Cisco Intelligent WAN Essentials

    The Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Essentials1 course is an instructor-led, lab-based, hands-on course offered by Cisco Learning Services. It covers the theory and deployment of the foundational pillars of IWAN: transport independence and intelligent path control.

  • IOSXR301 - Cisco IOS XR Layer 3 VPN Implementation and Verification

  • IOSXR302 - Cisco IOS XR Multicast Routing Implementation and Verification

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