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Cisco Certifications help you launch and advance your IT Networking career.

As a Cisco Specialized Learning Partner, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies categorized by Cisco into five levels of network certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect, the highest level of accreditation within the Cisco Career Certification program.

What is Cisco Certification?

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  • TSOT - Cisco TelePresence Support and Operations Training

    The course focuses on the skills required for first level helpdesk technicians who provide support for Cisco TelePresence users. Skills covered include installing, configuring, and operating endpoints.

  • TICT - Cisco TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training

    This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to install and configure the main infrastructure components of a Cisco TelePresence network.

  • PAITVIS - Installing TelePresence Video Immersive System

    This course provides hands-on education for technicians and engineers to fully understand the features, benefits, and operation of the Cisco TelePresence immersive system. Participants will learn how to configure, operate, and troubleshoot the Cisco TelePresence immersive system.

  • TCNDF - Cisco TelePresence Conductor Foundation

    Learn to install and configure Cisco TelePresence Conductor.

  • TEPF - Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Foundation

    Gain the skills needed to configure and maintain Cisco TelePresence endpoints running either TC or TX software.

  • TMSF - Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Foundation

    Manage Cisco TelePresence endpoints and phonebooks, provide booking services, and run reports on Cisco TMS.

  • TMSA - Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Advanced

    Install Cisco TelePresence Management Suite & Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension.

  • TVCSF - Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server Foundation

    Install and configure basic features on the Cisco VCS.

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